Kelvin Welders and Solutions

MFR of Resistance welding machines and allied products

Product Details

Nut Welding Machine
Description - Welding of M5, M6, M8 ,M10 and M12 size of source and hexa weld nuts and bolts.
Main Features - Touch screen type all in one display for fool Profe welding.
Benefits - High volume auto parts Mfg industry.

Projection Welding Machine
Description - Available from min. to max. range of current capacity.
Main Features - Fool profe control system with latest technology Benefits - All kinds of auto components, S.S kitchenware and other multi projection parts can be welded

Micro spot/ Projection Welding machine
Description - Available in table type with single phase power source
Main Features - Highly sensitive machine tools and control Benefits - High precision and miniature components of auto electrical

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