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We are authorized channel partner for RIKEN KEIKI-Tonnage Monitor, Scrap Detector, Automatic Monitoring Devices, HENLI- Servo 3-in-1 Feeders, SUMICO- Lubricants, Oil & Grease, Toyonaka- Hot, and Nylone & Teflon Hoses., Kanto Seiki Chillers.

We also deals in Artaio Seiki- Centralized Lubrication System , Easy purge- A purging components , JMC- Heater & Thermocouple Protection Tube, SHOWA Motorized Grease Pump & accessories, Coolant Filtration System, Portable Drilling Machine and pipe Joint trolley & work stations for sale and service support for their products including loading, unloading & Logistics, Installation & commissioning .

We also deal in Special & Lithium Grease of LUBE, DIAKIN, SHOWA, SUMICO make used in Japanese make machine tools.

Main Principal


RIKEN KEIKI NARA MFG. Co., Ltd. established itself as an independent subsidiary of Riken Keiki Co., Ltd. (currently listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange) in 1972, engaged in developing and manufacturing industrial disaster prevention tools.Since 1981 RIKEN KEIKI NARA has focused on development of original products, ranging from automated factories for high speed press work to one of our prized novelties, a sensing system that detects increases in Cass levels to improve quality control and productivity of high speed press operations.

Dongguan Henli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Henli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. established in 2005, is a professional manufacturer focusing on research, design, production, sales and service in the integrated of auto equipments of punching machines, coil automation solution, factory automation solution and steel coil processing production line. Henli Machinery is a Chinese enterprise company with Taiwan technology to design and make the machines. It locates in Dongguan City Guangdong China, which is an international manufacturing city between Shenzhen and Guangzhou City. Our machines are widely used in hardware, home appliance, automobile, electronic components and steel coil cutting slitting areas.

Products of our company : Slitting line, cut to length line, 3 in 1 NC straightening roll feeder, NC servo roll feeder, high speed roll feeder, uncoiler, Straightener, 2 in 1 uncoiler and Straightener, double head Decoiler, air feeder, precision leveler and robotic arms, etc.

Kanto Seiki Co., Ltd.

Kanto Seiki Co., Ltd. was founded in 1961 in Japan. The company's line of business includes manufacturing metal cutting machine tools.It main business includes development, design, manufacture, and sales of other high-precision liquid temperature control machines and development, design, manufacture, and sales of industrial robots, automatic assembling machines, and special-purpose machines for machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing machine, and other industrial machines. It's main products are :

  • OILMATIC (Automatic liquid temperature control machine)
  • MOLDMATIC (Automatic mold temperature control machine)
  • PICKMATIC (Automatic transportation machine)

Product Details

Load Monitor
Description - Graphic Load Monitor record and monitor the loads by sights during press processing.
Main Features -

  • Recording of Load or Tonnage with each stoke
  • Monitoring channel has 2ch type and 4ch type
  • Respond to Maximum 3000 SPM
  • Data record with USB memory, maximum to 32GB.
  • Data collection with wireless communication: Bluetooth
  • Monitoring type: Standard Value Monitoring or Previous Value Monitoring.
  • 3 Monitoring modes: Peak Dot Mode, Waveform Mode and Load Numeric Mode.
Benefits -
  • Safety of Sheet Metal & Forging Press
  • Remote Data collection with wireless communication: Bluetooth.
  • Respond to Maximum 3000 SPM.
  • Data record with USB memory, maximum to 32GB.
  • Communication with Machine with PLC through RS 232 C port.
  • Directly Connect to PC for Plot & Chart

Scrap Or Slug Detector
Description -

The slug, which is caught in upper or lower surface of the raw material will be crashed by stripper plate of the die which has spring loaded stopper at B.D.C. However, 20 to 40% of slug thickness (depends on material) will be remain and it will shift the position of stripper plate. This device will detect the displacement of the stripper plate by comparing with normal position.

This device will not be affected by the change of material thickness or rise in temperature of the unit since it compares the displacement of the stripper plate at every stroke. 

This device is not be affected by the bound or spring load of the stripper plate due to bottom hold type system which only detects the lowest point of the stripper plate by using micro processor

Main Features -
  • Bur Detection Scrap Detection of 0.1 Micron
  • 1st Bound Detection (Automatic search for 1st bound)
  • Analog Output (Confirmation of stripper plate waveform and detection timing position)
  • Can be extended up to 8 channels (1 RX unit has 2 channels)
  • Support for micro sensors
Benefits - Increased Too Life, Labour Saving, Safety of Tool Die

Miss Feed Detector
Description -

RM-2703(BM) detects disconnection of ray material, jamming of raw material and discharge of stamped parts in automatic production of press stamping line and it contributes to avoid production of defective products in advance.

Main Features -
  • It will allow for compact combination with our Slug Detector BX (RM-2402).
  • The brightness of display is about 4 times brighter than conventional unit. It keeps clear view from a distance.
  • It is miniaturized in a half size of the conventional unit (MB + MX).
  • Low speed timing filter circuit is equipped to cope with timing sinals from switches.
  • This unit can correspond to 2500 spm high speed press machine.
  • DC12V power source for sensor use is equipped as standard item.
  • 3channels to detect disconnection / jamming of raw material and 2 channels to detect synchronization / memory.
  • (7 channels are available as maximum by using 2 channels of synchronization / memory to detect disconnection / jamming of raw material.)
  • Input signal can be taken from contact point and PNP / NPN transistor open collector output.
Benefits - Increased Too Life, Labour Saving, Safety of Tool Die

S.G. Spray System
Description -

This Spray System can prevent oil from spattering to the outside and keep a clean work environment due to spray-coating with very fine mist only to the extent necessary.

Main Features -
  • It can be a significant reducing press oil consumption in oil coating processing.
  • It is effective in product accuracy and prevention of slug flow.
  • Since it is Teflon specification, it corresponds to drying characteristics and biodegradable processing oil.
  • Control and power source it is mechanical drive style with air, there is almost no trouble use in bad environment. SG Spray System can install on small space with downsized nozzle
Benefits -
  • It can be a significant reduction of oil consumption. 
  • 70%-90% (12 Litter / month to 1 Litter / month)
  • Saving cleaning cost.
  • It is effective for stabilization of Bottom Dead Center accuracy. (improvement of slug detection rate)
  • It can reduce defective products, and reduce precision defectiveness of bending /drawing and micro-punching by the excessive oil coating.
  • Increase of the die / mold operation time.
  • It can extend the die / mold life, and reduce maintenance number of times.
  • Prevent oil stains around the machine and die / mold.
  • Improvement in product image recognition.

Description -

Automatic Temperature Regulator.

Main Features -

Precision Temperature Control 0.00005 degree Centigrade.

Benefits -

Very High Accuracy at High RPM.

Decoiler, Straightener and Coil Feeders
Description -

As peripheral equipments of press machine, Decoiler, Straightener and coil feeders are widely used in coil automation production line. Where there are coils, there are Decoiler, Straightener and coil feeders. These three kinds of machines are popular in stamping area. All of them have different models for thin, medium and thick material.

Main Features -

Decoiler, Straightener and coil feeders are respectively used for decoiling, straightening and feeding coils to the die and press machine. We have many combination of this line, like 2 in 1 Decoiler and Straightener+ Feeder, 3 in 1 NC straightening roll feeder, separate Decoiler + Straightener +feeder, etc.

Benefits -

If one metal product needs to be finished after threading holes, bending, cutting, many activities, and then you badly deserve a Decoiler, Straightener, coil feeder and a progressive die. Using traditional single die and manual punching not only bring low efficiency by many processing, but also not safe for workers. But if replacing by this coil automation production line, you can obtain high efficiency and save lots of salary cost. Coil automation is much better than sheet manual processing.

Stamping Robotic Arm
Description -

Our stamping robotic arm concludes 6 axis robot (including pick and place robot, welding robot, stacking robot, spraying robot, polishing robot, etc), 4 axis stamping robotic arm, 4 axis stacking robot , translation manipulator, 2 axis/3 axis transfer manipulator, multi-machine connection transfer manipulator, single machine multi-station transfer manipulator, double material feeding machine and sheet feeder, etc.

Main Features -

Specializing in solving manual punching problems for press, changing original manual operation into intelligent and automatic feeding, punching, stacking, handling and so on operation, stamping robotic arm can finish large quantities of work. We can do many kinds of integration work on 6 axis robot. 4 axis stamping robotic arm, multi-machine connection transfer manipulator and single machine multi-station transfer manipulator are used in some Indian factory, too.

Benefits -

Robotic arm, in other words, is like “human arm”, which replaces large quantities of human work so that we can save labor cost. Usually one robot can replace at least one worker. If you need five press machines to complete a product, then if you choose six 4 axis stamping robotic arms to replace six workers, you can save large labor cost in one year. You can also withdraw the robot investment in one year or two years. You don’t need to figure out which kind of robotic arm you need to use, just offer us details of your products, procedure and presses so that we can make you the most suitable automation case for you by our integration.

Slitting Line and Cut to Length Line
Description -

These two lines are combined by a series related machines, which can cut the wider coil into smaller various widths and rewind it or cut the coil with various lengths base on different usage.

Main Features -

Base on different coils and customer request we provide different solutions short line, long line, non-loop configurations with light medium heavy duty.

Benefits -

Henli's slitting and cutting line is manufactured in consideration of automation, high quality, energy saving, productivity and stability. The process consists of coil supplying, cutting, stacking, packing and releasing.

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