Noble Industries

We introduce ourselves as leading machine tool manufacturer in india forlast three decades.We provide solutions( especially in turning,drilling,tapping operations)we have sold about 5500 machines units allover India as well as abroad + we are marketing china's leading drilling,tapping manufacturer Yong-Xing's products. .

we have fabulous products range as follows:

  1. Capstan Lathes(conventional/ automated(Hydraulic+Pneumatics)/ CNC)
  2. Centreless grinders(Automated(Hydraulic + Pneumatics)/ CNC)
  3. Deep Hole Drilling machines(Hydraulic/Hydro-Pneumatic/ CNC)
  4. Special Purpose Machine Units(Modules)
  5. S.P.M's involving drilling and tapping
  6. Refurbrishing of Used Machines
  7. Hydraulic fittings(Hose Adaptors)
  8. Precision turned components.
  9. Dual Spindle Drilling and Tapping combination machine(Automated/Hydraulic and NC controlled) for Bathroom fittings and brass components.
  10. Special Purpose CNC machine(incl-big bore spindle type / collet + chuck type)
  11. NC Rotary Table (With Pneumatic Brake Feature)

some of our key customers include Jaquar,Marc,EssEss,Jaco,Rotomec.

Product Details

1 . Dual Spindle Drilling & Tapping Machine(Servo Controlled Vertical Capstan Lathe Machine.

Mainly Used for sanitary ware ,Bathroom Fittings and Auto Components

Main Features -
Servo Controlled Drilling Feed with Pitch Controlled Tapping with Pneumatic Vice (Fully Auto Cycle through PLC operational through HMI Placed at appropriate place for operator convenience
Benefits -
High Efficiency, unskilled worker can easily operate also via HMI

2 . CNC Excel Turn-4(linear Turning Machine)

CNC Linear Turning Machine For Small and Big Components at very economical range

Main Features -
Top Plates are interchangeable for easy setup from one component to another via changing of top plate (Without taking any offset ) and machine is having collet and chuck both (15 min setup from collet to chuck without removing of collet)
Benefits -
Anyone can afford at very economical price and for high efficiency, eco Friendly.

3 . Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machine Involving Drilling, Tapping & Turning

Main Features -
Special Purpose Modules can easily be mount Horizontally as well as vertically
Benefits -
Low Cost Automation with High Efficiency and Unskilled worker can use easily.

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