Powertech Pollution Controls Pvt. Ltd.

We manufacture Electrostatic Filters for the capture and control of Fumes, Smoke and Fine Dust from Welding, Machining, Soldering, Boiler, Furnace, Dycasting, Annealing, Electroplating, EDM, Induction Hardening, Wire Drawing, Wave Soldering, Rubber Curing, Tabletting, Capsuling, Finishing Operations, CNC & Non-CNC process among many others.

Product Details

1 .Fumekiller FK2000VEM with FEA 200-2
Description-Fumekiller FK2000EM with electrostatic filters, pre/post filters, HT powerpack, centrifugal blower, silencer with Adjustable self balanced arm with suction hood and hose, friction controlled with telescopic damping for placing close to the fume generation area, manual operation, total reach 2mtrs, swivel 360 degrees.
Main Features - The filter modules are washable and re-usable. Maintenance & running costs are low, safe and efficient fuctioning. These systems contribute for safer, healtheir work environment etc.
Benefits - It is high-efficiency two-stage electrostatic precipitator, designed developed and manufactured for the capture and control of fumes, mist, smoke and fine dust. The Extractor Arm is a device which allows the user to position a suction hood to capture fumes or dust close the generation spot with complete ease and flexibility.

2 .Dustbag DB425
Description-Dustbag Model DB425, dust filter system with polyester bag filters 5micron, with motor, dust collection bin, motorized / manual bag shaker, MS silencer for fan outlet etc
Main Features - The equipment can capture large quantities of dust with high efficiency, safe and efficient functioning. These systems contribute to a safer, healthier work environment where toxic airborne pollutants are remove.
Benefits - Dust bag, dust collectors are fitted with Non-woven polyster fabric capable of capturing dust particles as small as 10microns.

3 .Dustkiller DK500
Description-Dustkiller Model DK500 with electrostatic filters, pre/post filters etc..
Main Features - This equipment can achieve a high level of dust control in any closed area. Very fine floating particles captured before they settle down on sensitive precision equipment. Maintenance and running costs are low, safety features are incorporated . These systems are safer & provide healthier work environment
Benefits - It is high – efficiency, two-stage electrostatic precipitator.

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